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The History Behind Presidents Day

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Presidents Day?” No work. No school. A day filled with holiday sales and some retail therapy. Sure, relishing in the idea of having off of school, work, and are freed of all professional responsibilities and...

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Content Calendars: Why and How?

Content is King. And now there's a new queen in town, the content calendar. Ever since the content hype took off, every company and business was quick to jump on board to keep up with the ever changing Google algorithms and updates- just to be sure that they wouldn’t...

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8 Tools That Are The Secret Sauce for SEO

Getting users to your site over a competitor isn’t the easiest task-especially in today’s world. Businesses are constantly competing against one another for that top spot in search results. Due to competition many turn to Google Adwords or CPC, instead of SEO (Search...

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DGC to Provide SEO for International Schools

Glassboro, NJ (January 11, 2017) – DGC Enterprises, a New Jersey-based digital marketing company, today announced it has added four prestigious International American Private Schools as clients. DGC will be running SEO campaigns for each school to increase website...

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An Online Checklist For Small Business Owners

No matter what your small business looks like, how good the service might be, if the message conveyed is one of owners who do not care about the image or findability of their business, then others will not care either. If a business can’t be found, it is obvious the...

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What Is the Risk In Starting A Small Business?

As I contemplate the year ahead, I think about many who have sat in the same seat I am in the start of a new venture, excited to open or go live or launch! But should that excitement be tempered? I have heard so many times, that 9 out of 10 times new...

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Avoid The Mobile Website Obstacle Course

If we don't see it live, American Ninja Warrior is definitely DVR'd in our house. For 3 active boys, it is an aspiration to make anything an obstacle course, sometimes to the chagrin of our furniture and walls. Obstacle courses are fun for most people. The challenge...

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