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What we do.

Digital Marketing

Where to start, right? Nobody likes throwing their hard earned money into the wind, so it is very important to us that we provide value that you can see. We find the patterns in your customer’s behavior. We let them know why they need you and where to find you. We measure every touch point so you know that your message is not only getting out there, but it is getting results.


I want to be on the 1st page of Google! Everyone does. The competition is fierce and the price is high for the 1st page of Google real estate. We know and understand the nuances of Search. We look for opportunities in areas you might not expect, but that will be extremely profitable for you. We make sure your SEO and SEM campaigns result in positive ROI, and not wasted time.

Website Design

We do more than just create beautiful websites. We get to know your business, your industry, and most importantly your customers. After all, their behavior is going to drive your success. We map out their journey, while telling your story, so that they get what they want and love it, and you get their business. And of course, we make it beautiful.

Data Analytics

You need to know your numbers. We measure everything so you can see trends, problems, and opportunities. Real time data aggregation, 24/7 from every customer touch point. We don’t leave your business up to chance, we make it predictable.

Market Research

It is the small, subtle edge that can allow a business to gain market share. We study your customers and your competition for changes in their behavior patterns and strategies. We report to you our findings and then recommend actions for you to implement to profit from this knowledge. Advantage you.

Content Creation

It is all about engaging your audience. We are experts at creating relevant and engaging content for the right audiences and platforms in your market. We identify and manage platforms that will help you stay connected and engaged while remaining authentic in your message. We work to build loyalty and brand zealots for your business with kick-ass messaging.

Brand Identity

The relationship you have with your audience and customer is your brand. It needs to be positive, consistent, and obvious. There is not much more important to us than your brand. It is the starting and stopping point in everything we do.

Social Media Strategy

Your customers are on social media. There is no better place to create strong word-of-mouth recommendations that not only your customers will see, but their networks as well. We make sure you are consistent, on brand and right where your customers are when they need you.

Reputation Management

We scour the web to make sure bad things are not being said about you without your knowledge. If we find negative feedback, we work on mitigating what is being said and turning it into a positive situation. But sometimes things go wrong. We work hard to keep these things from going viral. We get you on message and focused on making what could be a disaster, a positive for your business.

Video Production

Video is one of the most powerful forms of storytelling available to businesses today. We create amazing videos. But we take it further. We get your video in front of your customers. And of course we measure it all to make sure you are getting results.

Email Marketing

We help businesses to create ROI-driven email programs that would catapult the business growth. We take charge of all your email related woes and facilitate you to focus on executing your business strategy, thus bringing you closer to your company goals.

Our Formula.


We are committed to constant learning, to keep up with evolving technology and consumer behavior. Our marketing know-how will spot trends and changes that affect your business and keep you ahead of the competition. We kind of love data, and our results speak for themselves.


Unlike our competitors, we don’t focus on simply clicks and likes. We are performance driven, and getting you leads is what is going to put dollars in your pocket. We focus on growing revenue and converting sales, so you can focus on what’s important…your business.


It doesn’t stop at getting leads. You need leads that convert, and give you their money. That means the leads we get you have to be targeted, vetted, and willing by the time they reach out to you. It also means your teams have to be trained and ready to close. We help with it all.


Consumers often get distracted or want to do more research before committing to contact a business. We don’t let them get away. Our little bots, follow them around, and remind them we are there if they need us. Those reminders lead to conversions for pennies on the dollar.







Jumping into Digital Marketing is one of the scariest prospects for small business owners, and it is understandable. Thousands of dollars and our valuable time can be wasted with very little in return.

At DGC, we take great measures to support small to medium size businesses who are struggling to generate new customers through their doors online. We remove the anxiety of jumping into digital marketing, because we have done this before. We have done this for small business and even very large ones. We know what works, and what doesn’t.

We make sure we thoroughly understand your business, your goals and your MISSION so we can maximize the total return of your investment. We send you highly qualified leads through our new and effective digital lead generation systems, that works online and offline to drive you new and old customers back into your sales pipeline. This service shortens your sales cycle, so your cash flow launches and your business rockets past your competitors.

You don’t just need more visitors to your website, Facebook page, or browsing through your business doors. You need the RIGHT visitors and you need them to take ACTION NOW, to purchase an order, pick up the phone or come to see you at your location. This requires a different strategic plan.

Unlike most other advertising agencies out there, we don’t focus on driving clicks & likes. Likes don’t deposit money in your bank, nor can you pay your employees with click coins either.

We concentrate on driving your revenue and moving your business to be a dominant market player within your marketplace. We focus on what is needed now in your business lifecycle and what is required to help you grow in the right direction to leave your competition in the dust.

If you’re ready to make the jump now and make an impact with proven & effective digital marketing techniques, book a free 25 minute digital marketing strategy call NOW!

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Marketing done right.



We Send You Leads That Convert Into Sales,
Straight To Your Business.


Who We Are.

DGC is a full-service, integrated marketing agency that puts your company on the map, brings you customers, and grows your revenue.


Over our 2 decades in the trenches of marketing, we’ve learned a few things, and so many things have changes dramatically.

We know that producing leads that turn into customers requires a truly integrated marketing strategy.

We know that the magic comes from combining marketing strategy with beautiful design, strong brand awareness, engagement driven social media and modern automation technology.

We know how to reach hard-to-find audiences now matter in what niche your business is located.


Lance Wyllie

Lance Wyllie

Founder & Marketing Strategist

“Lance Wyllie is always easy to work with, providing professional, personable service, while always focused on the task at hand. I have collaborated with Lance for several years on various media projects, and I’ve always been impressed by his attention to detail, his ability to design effective marketing, and his being able to bring people and ideas together for an exceptional result. DGC will be an asset to any project they are working on.”


Jacob Schroeder – Founder, Left Bank Cinema

“We are more than happy with the new website, and have received great feedback in regards to it. Lance provides great value to us with his design acumen and his marketing knowledge. He works like he is part of my company. He keeps an eye on everything we do and how it relates to gaining customers. We look forward to maximizing that value going forward.”

Mark Grigsby

Founder & President, Paradise Stoneworks Inc.

“Lance and his team knocked this out of the park. The website is so simple and functional, and at the same time it really is a reflection of we are and what we offer.”


Jamison McGibney

Founder, Maverick Photography

“We brought DGC on to create a new website. The website they created is truly amazing. Early on it was obvious that Lance and his team were only concerned in our success. From day one, they begame integrated in our day-to-day. They are an amazing team.”


Vipul Patel

CEO, Projex Development, LLC.

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