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We developed a Google Ads marketing strategy for a water damage restoration client that generated high quality leads in their service area, located in Southern New Jersey.

Our lead generation campaigns produce leads every day, and with a close rate that hovers above 70%, the ROI produced for our client exceeds 5000%.


The Challenge

When Water Remediation Specialist contacted us, they did not have a website, social media pages, or brand identity. The were generating all their leads from a single Home Advisor profile, but were not getting good results.

As the client’s digital agency, DGC Web’s challenge was to get the word out about the company, what they offer, to their target audiences, and to produce leads that turn into customers.



The first thing we did was build a great website, that at every touchpoint was built to convert visitors into leads.

We then created social pages to reinforce their brand in their local area.

After all this was in place, we developed a highly focused Google Ad marketing campaign to generate leads, and a broad Social Media Marketing Campaign to create brand awareness:

  • Increase awareness
  • Elevate the brand
  • Increase traffic to the website
  • Increase sales

To accomplish these goals, we researched Water Remediation Specialist’s target audiences, both primary and secondary. The primary audience consisted of homeowners actively looking for reputable Damage Restoriaton companies due to water leaks that were immediate in nature. The secondary audience consisted of homeowners searching for repair services for non-immediate water leaks.

This information informed our Google Ad keyword development, and resulted in targeted keywords that were customized to local searches.



For Every $1 of Marketing Spend, we return WRS… $50 in Revenue!

  • 70% Lead Conversion Rate
  • 65% Impression Share
  • 70% Top of Google Front Page


Return on Investment

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