Glassboro, NJ (January 11, 2017) – DGC Enterprises, a New Jersey-based digital marketing company, today announced it has added four prestigious International American Private Schools as clients. DGC will be running SEO campaigns for each school to increase website traffic and consumer awareness of the schools’ wide range of services.

The schools are locatedThey offer an American based curriculum, including a wide variety of advanced courses, and college preparatory programs ranging from pre-k through 12th grade. In addition to the everyday curriculum, the schools’ program offerings also include English Tutoring, Enrichment, ESL Tutoring, French Tutoring, Homework Help, Learning Difficulties, Math Tutoring, SAT/ACT Preparation, Science Tutoring, Study Skills, and Summer Learning. Students from the four schools have attended some of the best Universities in the United States and around the world.

The schools are the first International clients for DGC, which bases its Marketing Agency in South Jersey.

“We are thrilled to sign our first International clients,” said Leigh Marchitto, Director of Business Development at DGC Enterprises. “In this digital age, businesses can hire the best marketing agencies no matter where they are located. It says something when a company looks to us for their marketing solutions from the other side of the globe.”

Lance Wyllie, Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist at DGC Enterprises added, “The competition among International private schools is fierce. Many times it is the first school that a customer contacts that ends up being chosen for the students. This is why search results are so important to businesses, and in this case, schools. It does not matter what the business is or where it is located. Ranking high in search goes right to top line revenue.”

DGC Enterprises uses the latest technology and software available to boost its SEO strategy. In doing so, it is able to create efficiencies that provide results that would otherwise cost a business double or triple at other agencies.

About DGC Enterprises

DGC Enterprises provides digital marketing solutions by combining decades of proven results with the latest software and technology to provide marketing solutions such as responsive website design, SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (paid search engine marketing), social media management, reputation management, and video and mobile advertising. Focused on the under-served and over-priced marketing environment for small and medium-sized businesses, non-profits, and institutions, DGC Enterprises’ approach to digital marketing enables various-sized organizations to afford powerful marketing solutions that get results. For more information on DGC Enterprises visit

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